21st Oakwood Cemetery Walk Videos (2015)

Part 1: Edward Amet and the Magniscope

The 21st Oakwood Cemetery Walk was fun and informative! A great time was had by all who attended! Glad I was able to capture it! Part 1 features the story of Edward Amet the inventor of the Magniscope. — Anthony Farella

Part 2: Marvin (Major) Spoor

Part 3: Abigail Beck sharing her grandson George Chandler's Story

Part 4: Board of Moving Picture Censorship

Part 5: Simon Peter Hopkins

Part 6: Perce Pearce

Part 7: Local Movies, Ray Bradbury’s Movie Experiences

The last part, 7, of the 21st Oakwood Cemetery Walk features the Story Tellers, Dan Drury and Dr. John Schwab telling stories of films made locally, Ray Bradbury's movie experiences growing up in Waukegan, and famous Waukegan Marriages —Anthony Farella